Deadline : 15 September, 2019.

Applications are invited for the 2020 CARTA Senior Faculty Visiting Research Fellowships to African partner institutions. These fellowships are competitive and are open to senior academic staff members from African partner institutions who have contributed to CARTA as JAS and FAS facilitators, supervisors, focal persons, members of CARTA committees, curriculum reviewers, reviewers of CARTA fellowships and awards, members of the Partners’ Forum and the Board of Management.
CARTA will provide funds to support Senior Faculty for a maximum period of 3 months.
Preference will be given to:
  1. Applicants who are able to demonstrate a research (or research teaching related) output. Included in this are publications, research grant applications, documentary evidence of furthering existing research, a new curriculum, lists of students whom they have previously mentored and the outputs of the mentorship (e.g. students have written a publication, or a research grant), a curriculum of any training done and the list of students who attended any such course.
  2. Proposals that are intended to support research output, build/develop further a research collaboration, or to develop new or innovative pedagogy or processes in the home institution.
Purpose of the Fellowship Program
The Senior Faculty Visiting fellowships provide direct development and service benefits for institutions and individual faculty members, accelerating learning, institutional bonding, exchange of ideas, networking, collaboration opportunities, and the adoption of best practices in research, teaching, and policy translation through exposure of faculty in other institutional cultures. Documentary proof of achieving one/all of such outcomes is essential.
What the fellowship will cover
The fellowship will cover a return air ticket, and a modest allowance of up to USD 3,500 per month for a period of three months. The host institution will cater for local transport and accommodation for the Senior Faculty.
Awardees will be expected to submit a report to the CARTA Secretariat upon completion of the senior faculty visit and acknowledge CARTA in all publications emanating from the visit. Awardees will be expected to utilize the fellowship before December 31, 2020.
Application Procedure
Applicants for the Senior Faculty Visiting fellowship will set out their intended outputs over a three-month period and will submit to the CARTA Secretariat, through the institutional focal person, an application package including the following:
a) An application letter detailing the role that the applicant has played in CARTA.
b) A detailed CV.
c) A fellowship proposal including:
i. Dates of the intended visit.
ii. Work to be covered during the three-month duration of fellowship.
iii. Expected outputs of the fellowship.
d) Letter of support from the Head of Department of the applicant’s home institution; and
e) Letter of support from the host institution and the senior scientist of the host institution.
All documents should be forward as one PDF file .
Deadline for application is 15 September, 2019.
For more information and to apply, click here.
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