A couple of days ago, we shared some tips from Babajide Milton Macaulay, on the right steps to take in Commonwealth Scholarship Application. Here are more tips from the same source on Commonwealth Scholarships. Some of these tips are proven principles from a two time winner of the Commonwealth Scholarship.

Here is what Babajide Milton Macaulay has to say:

“I recently realised that for the Commonwealth scholarship application (general category) for MSc study, there are other nominating agencies apart from the Federal Scholarship Board (FSB) Abuja (For Nigerians).

I discovered two other agencies on the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s (CSC) website, such as the HALI and FAWE.

(1) High-achieving Low Income (HALI) students can be nominated via this medium. The HALI website is: www.haliacess.org. To be nominated via HALI, you need to complete the a membership application form on their website and then send a detailed message to them explaining that you wish to be nominated for the Commonwealth scholarship. Here is their email address: info@haliaccess.org.

Please be aware that HALI only nominates for MSc studies. Do not forget to select HALI as your nominating agency on your EAS form and then submit by 19th December 2018.

(2) FAWE (Forum for African Women Educationalists) is a platform exclusively meant for the nomination of African women who wish to progress with their education to both MSc and PhD levels. To be nominated via this platform, make sure you select FAWE in your EAS application form and then submit by 10th December, 2018.

See attached for more supporting info.

You can click on the link below to learn more about the Commonwealth scholarship (general category) for MSc studies:

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

Best wishes,”


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