The deadline to apply is 31 October 2018.

They are looking for young people with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

If you have a passion for innovation, the ability to devise new solutions to old problems, and a willingness to challenge the established orthodoxy, then they want to hear from you.

They are Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption.  From villages in rural Africa to the corridors of power in Brussels, we give voice to the men and women affected by corruption.  Our global movement has just one vision: we want a world free of corruption.

We believe that young people in Africa have the potential to create new and exciting changes in their communities but are prevented from pursuing their dreams by corruption.  We want to engage a new generation of changemakers – those with the ability to devise agile solutions to intractable problems together with an unwavering determination to do good in this world – to help us hold governments and powerful people to account.

In response, they have launched a competition to identify young people with an instinct for innovation and the drive to tackle corruption.  If that sounds like you, we need your help in addressing the malign presence of land corruption in Africa.  Simply complete the application form(link is external) to share your ideas with us.

If your idea is selected, you will:

  • participate in a workshop where you will learn from and network with international anti-corruption experts, land activists, youth engagement experts and like-minded peers;
  • receive individualised support to perfect your idea;
  • gain exposure for your ideas through Transparency International’s social media channels and blog platforms;
  • work with subject experts, peers and our national chapters to bring your idea into action!

So what do we need from you?  Well, we are looking for young people who are committed to tackling land corruption in real and tangible ways, so we need to make sure that you fit that profile.  To help us identify the sharpest minds with the hottest new ideas, we are asking that you carefully and thoughtfully complete the application form(link is external) to address the following questions:

  • Which aspect of land corruption do you intend to tackle?
  • What is your idea for addressing this issue?
  • What is new and innovative about your idea?
  • What is your experience of land corruption issues or anti-corruption actions more broadly?
  • Why do you care about land corruption and its effects on young people in Africa?

Successful applicants will be required to:

  • attend a workshop for three days during the first week of December 2018 (travel, accommodation and meals expenses will be provided);
  • work with us to improve and develop and your ideas into a SMART (Specific/Measurable/Achievable/Relevant/Time-bound) proposal;
  • engage with Transparency International’s national chapters (around the world) to explore how to make your idea work!
  • What are the terms and conditions?


To be eligible for this competition, you must be aged between 18 and 35 (at the time of application) and living (permanently) in sub-Saharan Africa.

To be eligible for this competition, you do not need experience as we welcome all good ideas!  We are, however, particularly keen to receive applications from young people who are already fighting corruption in Africa and from those related disciplines.

If you meet these eligibility criteria, and you have an excellent idea for combatting land corruption, send us your application today.  Together we can disrupt corrupt systems and help bring opportunities and prosperity to all young people.

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