Deadline:31 August, 2018

The 2018 Civil Society Days of the Global Forum on Migration and Development is taking place this year in the first week of December.
Please note that this is the application form for networks to apply for a limited number of their members to attend the GFMD.

In previous years, more than 800 application have been submitted and reviewed by the Civil Society International Steering Committee (ISC) to gather a total of 250 delegates from a diverse and balanced mix of civil society sectors (e.g., migrant and diaspora associations, other human rights, development and faith-based NGOs, trade unions and workers organisations, and representatives of academia, think tanks and the private sector), geography and gender.

Following and refining the two-pronged process piloted in 2016, the ISC will select 80 civil society delegates via the Open Global Application, while another 174 delegates will be selected directly by civil society networks around the world who are active in migration and development.
These networks are not pre-selected: in order to ensure maximum transparency, all networks must apply through this open call process and be selected in order to invite representatives of their network to the GFMD Civil Society Days.

By September, you will know whether you’ve been selected to participate and whether you may be eligible to receive some funding to help cover some of the expenses of your participation.

Deadline for application is 31 August,2018

For more information and to apply, click here

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