Deadline: 30 June, 2020

Proposed research must:

  1. Relate to the Commonwealth as a whole or to any Commonwealth-wide institution or organisation
  2. Have a strong Commonwealth comparative aspect
  3. Be of relevance to other Commonwealth countries.

For example, a research project comparing LGBT rights in South Africa and Uganda would be eligible, as would a project on the reform of colonial-era anti-LGBT legislation in India, but a project on the role of Stonewall in advocating for LGBT rights in the UK would not.

The first studentship is open to registered PhD students from UK universities, who are resident in the UK at the time of applying for the award, although not necessarily UK citizens.

The second is open to registered PhD students from ACU member universities anywhere in the Commonwealth, and to Chevening and Commonwealth Scholar alumni.

Chevening alumni would need to wait at least two years after the end of their Chevening award before applying for a Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentship, in order to satisfy the criteria for the Chevening award.

The first studentship for UK-registered student has a value of £4,000.

The second studentship for Commonwealth students to travel to the UK has a value of £8,000.


Applications should be submitted by the deadline, midnight on Sunday 30 June via the online application form.

Applications should consist of:

  1. Your CV
  2. A studentship plan, outlining:
    (a) The work you plan to carry out during the studentship, in non-technical language
    (b) The likely impact of your studentship work, and how it will advance knowledge in your field and contribute to greater understanding of the Commonwealth
    (c) The planned outcomes and outputs of the studentship
  3. Letters of support from referees, one academic (preferably your PhD/DPhil supervisor) and one personal
  4. An outline of the intended use of the funds.
  5. Applicants from outside the UK will also need to provide a letter from a UK university willing to provide academic mentoring support. It will be the responsibility of the successful applicants to arrange flights, accommodation, and visas.

Application opens 15 May, 2020 and closes 30 June, 2020.

For more information and to apply, click here.


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