Deadline : 10 October, 2019

Proposers may submit a paper abstract to a session of interest, or to a specific open panel within that session.
The three types of sessions are:

  • Research Committee (RC) sessions
  • General Sessions (GS)
  • Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Sessions

Papers in English or French may be submitted to any session or in an English or French panel. Papers in Portuguese may only be submitted to LOC sessions or to a Portuguese panel in a LOC session.

NOTE: If you have been invited to submit a paper to a panel, you must use the submission link provided in the invitation. If you did not receive it, please contact the panel convenor (organizer).

  1. Anyone can submit a paper proposal. However, you must be signed up for a free IPSA website account to be able to submit a proposal. You do not need to be a member of IPSA to submit a proposal, however in order to participate and register for the World Congress you must become an IPSA member.
  2. Only the main author should submit the paper proposal. Co-authors (if any) must be added once the abstract is submitted.
    ALL panelists must be signed up for a free IPSA website account in order to have their names included as a co-author in the paper proposal or another role on the program.
  3. To maximize participation in the World Congress, it is necessary to limit the number of appearances of any single individual as follows:
    No individual may make more than one appearance in the program in each of the following roles:

    • Chair or co-chair of a panel
    • Discussant on a panel
    • “Papergiver”: may appear twice – once as a main author and once as a co-author.  Should more than one of your proposals be accepted, only 1 will be accepted in the final program and any others rejected.  You will have the choice to choose the proposal you wish to keep.
  4. If you are accepted:
    • You will be asked to upload the complete paper by 1 July 2020 in your account.
    • Be prepared to present your paper orally, in no more than 15 minutes at the Congress.
    • Your name will ONLY appear in the Printed Program if you register by 10 April 2020.
    • Your proposal will remain on the Program if you register by 13 May 2020. If you fail to complete the registration by this date, your paper will be withdrawn from the Program.NOTE:
      Paper proposals can only be edited by the main author (the person who submitted the proposal).The Abstracts and the Full papers presented at the Congress will be available (in PDF format) to IPSA members in the Conference Proceedings Library.

      IPSA does not publish a printed Book of Proceedings or a Book of Abstracts for the Congress.

Deadline for submission of papers is 10 October, 2019.

For more information and to apply, click here.

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